Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Clothes...

My wife is getting ready for a consignment sale to be held at the church. She is going through all of our sons clothes he wore from birth-three years old. It's seriously taken me down memory lane. She just pulled out some of the first Nike's I got for him. (I thought he might have been a baller.) As I see this happening I'm brought back to the place of first holding Jackson and remembering his smell and the way he felt, thinking I might break him with the wrong move, and wondering what we were really going to do with this little life that just moved in to our quiet home.

What a gift. What an opportunity. What a scary ride. What an awesome chance to co-create with the creator! WORD!

As I write tonight, my son is upstairs sleeping. When I got home from youth group I walked into his room, kissed him on him his cheek and said a small prayer. I'm so thankful that I got to see Jackson grow up in those baby clothes.

God you ROCK!

Speak on it...

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Chris Lee said...

You need to bring that bad baby over to play with my bad babies!

(bad babies borrowed from our friend Tony Arcuri)

Much Love!