Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So basically I've been reminded that God is all about rocking my world.

Check this out...I meet with a group of pastors on Monday as an accountability group and part of what we do is discuss our sermon preparation. We try and stay a week ahead in our discussion so we might plan save ourselves from falling in the trap of writing a sermon the night before you have to preach.

Yesterday we were talking about Judas, in prepping for March 14/15 and the conversation got crazy as we looked at how "I am Judas" and we all fall into being Judas at some point in our lives.

As our conversation continued it's like the Spirit just rolled all over our room. The story came alive for us in a different way. We read these stories year after year, and many of us think we understand them thoroughly when in fact there is always an opportunity for God to teach us something or bring us to a new understanding of the Word. This is the power of the Word! Dang.

Now I don't know if the sermon will be any good in two weeks, I don't know if any sermon is really good, but I do know if we listen close enough and we are open to what God might be saying we could certainly, and not in a corny way, be amazed.

Speak on it....

Here's a quote from Karl Barth that might make some sense here... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Barth

"If a sermon is biblical, it will not be boring. Holy scripture is in fact so interesting and has so much that is new and exciting to tell us that listeners cannot even think about dropping off to sleep." (Homiletics, Westminster John Knox, 1991, pg 80)

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Anonymous said...

So, Bryson, I am totally impressed that you are quoting Karl Barth! You're quite the scholar! (I stumbled across your blog lately and it's great to catch up!) Hi to Lori and your little guy!
Your seminary friend, Mary.