Friday, February 13, 2009

Pretty Sweet....

So tonight, Jackson asked me if God was giving out Valentines. He said “Could God just drop them out from the sky?” I started thinking about that and as he looked at me, I couldn’t help but feel the power of the Holy Spirit. I told him that “you are God’s Valentine Jackson, and how you live your life is love.” So then Jackson says, “When we give our Valentine away, then we really give God away, right dad?”

So I was blown away. We talked a little more about it and the more we talked the deeper we went. When we give somebody a Valentines Day card they feel good and feel the love. So when we give ourselves away, we are giving God away and people begin to feel God’s love. That’s pretty cool.

So have a sweet Valentine’s Day and Give some love away.

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yasedogg469 said...

Dear Bryson,
When I am unwilling to devote time to put my thoughts to paper, I find inspiration in the wok of others. I appreciate your candor and thoughfulness. I appreciate having a window to look into the family experience. The conversation you related is a great example of the depth and richness that love brings to life.