Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More than breakfast...

So this morning I was eating breakfast (imagine that) with our men's bible study at a local restaurant when all of a sudden it happened…

We had really finished breakfast but there were three of us still hanging out for a little conversation.  I stood up and moved to the side and before I knew it, the three of us had completely blocked the aisle.  So we talked for a couple of minutes with seemingly no issue.  The place was just about empty when all of a sudden one of the waitresses stopped and gave us a “slap you in the mouth look.”  

She said, “Do you think you are at home?” “You think you can just sit all around here wherever/however you want?” We all three replied “No ma’am,” and quickly moved back around the table to continue our conversation. 

Over the course of the day I’ve considered two ways of interpreting this event.  Before I go any deeper here…let me say, I’m cool with what she said, actually even how she said it, but it does bring to mind some possible thoughts to consider in relation to the church.

She didn’t hold back in telling the truth.  That’s refreshing actually.  Sometimes in the church we hide behind the truth don’t we?  What keeps us from speaking the truth in love?  (Ephesians 4:14-16) 

Probably afraid to lose members, upset the apple cart or some other dumb reason…but still we stop. 

Or maybe people aren’t ready to hear the truth?  Could it be? 

Speak On It!  

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CLEA Dockins said...

It's time to speak it!