Friday, September 4, 2009

Last week...

So here’s the thing… Two crazy/weird God things happened last week in my little world. The first one, is more comical that not, but it started me thinking about church….
I was in Roanoke at the COX cable building about to do some filming for a commercial to air this fall or around Christmas (Don’t worry, I totally embarrassed myself) and I had to go to the bathroom. I turned on and noticed the toilet sit was left up. Okay, stay with me here. I figured, that’s one less thing I have to do and then I noticed it, plain as day under the toilet seat, the word CHURCH.
Okay, my wife informed me that CHURCH did make toilets but this was surprise to me. I was unaware. It was a totally God moment though, because it reminded me of where the church really is. It’s not completely at 3385 North Franklin Street. It is in fact in those places that we sometimes least expect it, and definitely in those places where you don’t want to go.
If the church really happens outside of the “church” then there has to be something that we are learning inside the “church” right? Every moment of most days you are I are learning something new. Whether it’s through the latest Tweet, or most recent text, we are gathering some new information that teaches us.
Sooo…. The way I see it, the church has gotten a bad rap. Because the church has gotten knocked around and because the church has wrongfully knocked around others, we need to bring holy back. We need to bring holy, set apart to serve, back and we need to bring real, in the places you don’t want to go love back, so the people of God might say the same thing that Jackson told me on Wednesday morning when he said, last night Jesus held his hand while he was sleeping.

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