Friday, May 28, 2010


Here’s the reality… We live in a politically correct climate that trend itself toward polarizing conversations and bureaucratic nightmares. For people of faith in the midst of this climate it seems we often find ourselves at a crossroads. If I go Left it means this or if I go Right it must mean this.
We make our mark in the sand with blue and red while pledging allegiance and loyalty to party. Look at every major issue that people discuss and ask yourself this question, “Which party defines you?” That answer writes itself into the fabric of our daily living. And as we live, people are reading what we are writing, that’s for sure. And they are wondering how or even if following Jesus really even matters.
What if instead of going Right or Left we went into the middle or maybe even a third way? What if we found the “via media” or middle way as John Wesley called it and in finding that middle way, actually found a “razor sharp, cut-glass” imagery and understanding of Jesus Christ? (Jesus Manifesto)
I believe that if we found that third way we would be given new eyes for seeing, a deeper understanding, and transformational information regarding the answers that are writing themselves into the fabric of our lives. I’m pressing myself and hopefully those reading, to dig deeper into the pursuit of following Jesus with total allegiance, sold out for the author of my life. Dude, this is what’s up!
“You and I are meant to be living epistles—that is, “Jesus Manifestos” – in our world. Cities set on a hill. Salt and light” (Jesus Manifesto) What are we writing?
The community of faith we share in at Fieldstone has a responsibility to teach others about Jesus. We need to learn more about what Jesus thought, how Jesus loved and how might change what the world is reading. Oh man! I don’t want to miss the opportunity to help someone see Jesus. This is the most important thing. Why would we keep the blessing a secret?
The world is hurting friends. Our friends and family and the people we see from day to day are hurting. Why won’t we help them see? What else do we need to do to make sure another student doesn’t walk into another school with loaded ammunition? How many more people are going to come to our door looking for enough food for the rest of the week? How many people are going to miss helping this year through SPY (Summer Project Youth)? The list goes on and on…
So let’s help others see Jesus and let’s follow the Way of Jesus knowing that in doing just that, others will be loved and we will help Heaven come down here.

Speak On It!

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