Thursday, December 3, 2009


So basically our nighttime routine is like this. After teeth are brushed, flushed the toilet for the last time, Lori and I read a couple of books, take some time to pray and then one of us will lay with him for a couple of minutes.
Most of the time he wants Lori to read to him and then me to lay with him and during that time I hear all kinds of things from Kindergarten Drama, the next level of LEGO Star Wars all covered with various noises that little boys make in the midst of conversation.

Last night though, things were a little different. Jackson just blurted out, “Believe is a Christmas word dad!” He kept on going by saying, “we need to believe in the magic of Santa!”

In my mind I wanted to say something like, “Well, Jackson you know that the reason for the season is Jesus and blah, blah, blah.” But I didn’t. I listened. He asked me if I believed in the magic? Because if you don’t believe in the magic then you don’t believe in Santa. That’s when I had that Polar Express moment.
Jackson believes right now in something bigger than himself. He believes in something that is magical, something that changes circumstances, brings joy and laughter, filled with hope and expectation. Right now he believes.
Do we?

I’m not suggesting we believe in magic. Hello! But I am suggesting that we believe in something bigger that brings joy and hope, filled with expectation. Do we still believe? Are we right now, all grown up, paying bills and dealing with adult things that we don’t have time to believe in the greatest story still being told?

As we continue through the season of Advent, moving toward the manger I’m asking you to believe again. I’m asking you to believe in the power of prayer. I’m asking you to believe in the reality of forgiveness and peace. I’m asking you to believe in the power of community and the power of a servant king born on the outskirts of town in the middle of controversy.
Do you still believe?

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