Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cool is Cool...

So I wear glasses and I've worn them since I was in college, but my godson (who is 8) is about to get glasses this week. Of course he's worried that other kids are going to make fun of him, which the sad reality is they will, and he's trying extra hard to find a pair of glasses that look really cool.

But regardless of what type of glasses he gets, the question I have is "will he still be cool?" Who determines what cool is? Of course he's going to be cool! It's not going to matter what type of glasses he wears, or what type of clothes he has on, because the reality is he is important to God and according to God my godson is a masterpiece! (Ephesians)

Which leads me to some thoughts about how we let other people determine who we are and how we live. I mean, even as adults we get caught up with how other people want us to live, act or respond to life. It's almost like it never stops. Sometimes we forget that we are that same masterpiece of creation, whether we are 8 or 38! Hello!

I don't think this is anything original, but it's just where I'm at tonight and I think I needed to hear that God has some crazy love for me just because I'm me. That's what's UP!

Much Love & Peace...

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CLEA Dockins said...

Love the addition to the blog title! Chris will be pleased :)

Maybe some "cool" pics of others that are wearing glasses might help the transition. And a little self-deprecating humor as a defense could deflate those who would persecute. Protecting kids is such a huge part of being a God parent or parent. But learning failure and learning what to say and how to handle ridicule is how we become closer to God. It's in doing what is right and making good decisions and choices is how we achieve.