Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday School Class...Not Done Yet?

So this morning, I went to our 11-12 Sunday School class with all intentions of disbanding the class do to very low attendance. The craziest thing happened when all of a sudden five kids showed up. I was like dang...five kids. Now, you may be thinking that's not a lot of kids, but the reality is, for whatever reason, this class has very poor attendance, I'm talking like two kids, maybe three...sometimes. We, meaning Cheri and I (who btw is a great teacher) asked them what they wanted to do and they were like "Whatever", "We're okay either way", "Dude, we don't care" so we're thinking "Hey...maybe God's not done with this class yet."

The point of these ramblings is that even when we have ideas about how things should be or think we've got it all figured out, God has a gentle way of reminding us that maybe Sunday School class is not done yet.

Much Love & Peace...


CLEA Dockins said...

Hey there!

Love the blog name, although we were thinking of something more like "Off the Chain!"

Keep up the great posts-

Nicole said...

I think I'm gonna start coming once I have my license. Or I could walk pretty easily if we keep getting amazing weather like this!

Love the blog :D Peace out.
~Nicole G