Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fieldstone On TV

Yo...check out some of the interns and the students from SPY (Summer Project Youth). It's awesome!

Here is the written article from News 10...

By Lindsey Ward

Published: July 22, 2008

An old house is getting a new face with the help of some young students.

SPY, short for Summer Project Youth, extends work for kids past the last day of school into the long days of summer. They pick-up their paint brushes and hammers and work to make a difference.

“We help out needy people, the handicap, and the elderly,” said Harrison Weinhold, SPY Intern.

Juanita Allen’s home is one of SPY’s largest projects yet and a she’s spent a big part of her life in this house.

“I was born in this house,” Allen explained.

Approaching 80-years-old, Allen admits she and her husband are no longer able to keep up with the maintenance. Unaware of a serious leak on her front porch a neighbor knew turning to SPY was the only option.

“They worked so hard. They’ve faced wasps, they faced rain, they faced insects, they faced heat and they carried on joyfully,” said Allen.

It’s estimated this project would cost the Allen’s upwards of $2,000 in supplies alone, but thanks to community donations and SPY’s free labor the new porch comes without a price tag.

In the past five years SPY has invested $250,000 into the New River Valley, but for many the help is priceless.

“It’s such a blessing to see young people willing to do something for the older generation,” Allen said tearfully.

Summer Project Youth says their next goal is to expand their work to other areas of Virginia.

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Kara said...

the link address is just missing a "2" at the end of it -- so just add the number and you'll get to the video link from the news station.

Way to go Fieldstone!