Friday, July 11, 2008

Heaven isn't too far away....

Somewhere around lunch Jackson started to talk about how Jesus and God know everything and how they were both in Heaven and how he really wanted to go to Heaven. SLOW DOWN. I was like "What!?" He said he really wanted to be with God in Heaven. So Lori & I started thinking real fast and I said, "remember when we say the Lord's Prayer, and we say, 'thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." He says yes, and then I say well, what if we could bring Heaven here?

Right then he really starts listening. "How can I do that dad?" Love people, I said. I said, all you have to do is love people the way that God loves you and you can bring a little bit of Heaven right down here on earth. He started smiling. Then he says, "I can love people and tell them about Jesus right dad?" Bingo. that's what I'm talking about brother.

So here's the thing...that's our job. This is totally not original with me, but to see Jackson's eyes light up when he thought that he could bring a little bit of Heaven down to earth it was awesome. It was one of those moments where I sat back and gave God some mad praise. Thanks for the hearts and minds of the little children.

Speak On it!

PS. I know you remember the song from Warrant...right?
Heaven isn't too far away
closer to it everyday
no matter what your friends might say
we'll find a way...

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